We See People As We Are...

by Alex Okoroji

It’s unfortunate that we live in a world that requires us to constantly prove how valid we are. And that can be so exhausting.


I had a conversation yesterday. Someone had recommended me for a brand project and cited that I would make a good ambassador because of my work and global visibility, saying I had been featured/mentioned on multiple global media platforms including Huffington Post, Fox and CNN etc. And that my global collaborations were enriching, empowering and engaging.

Of course, one of the marketing reps in charge kicked against ME saying he checked me out on instagram. And that I wasn't verified. Ha ha… Plus he didn't know who I was and never heard of me before now. So it was impossible for me to have such reach.😂😂😂

They googled me, visited my website and saw the CNN video and the guy still insisted that just because my website claims I've been featured on multiple media outlets doesn't make it true. 

He even said that since I run a digital media company (which they found),  I could easily have recorded a video and claimed I did it for CNN, afterall who am I when there are more famous Nollywood actresses like Omotola Jalade and the Genevieve's of this world.😂😂😂

He had searched and couldn't find the video on CNN website, youtube or anywhere so apparently it didn't exist. It wasn't true.

Okay, I received the call  from the person asking me if I had any way of proving her right (because she felt she needed to shut the guy up). I told the person who recommended me that my feature was on a LIVE TV Broadcast, chances are there would be no proof other than a few people who mentioned on Facebook and Instagram that they had just watched me or saw me on CNN. 

Truth is I didn't even see myself on TV( I hardly ever watch myself ), yessss - I have the video file I shared on social media, but I actually didn't watch myself live when it was broadcast on TV so shuucks, I had no other proof.

Should I call my Dad and ask his friend, Patrick Doyle to be my witness (sounds stupid). 😂🤣

"Abeg Uncle PD do you remember watching me on CNN in March and calling my Dad to say how super proud you were of me. Please can you send a statement to so and so agency?..."🤣🤣🤣

Sounds stupid to me. Even if it's about me.😜

Anyway, it was while I was trying to do a deep research to help calm my ardent believer who recommended me, and was clearly infuriated with her colleague, that I noticed someone had yanked/blocked three of my highly indexed websites (personal and company) off Bing and Yahoo search engine. Ha! 😡😡😠

If you understand digital real estate, and have digital assets then you know what that means...

Someone clearly didn’t want me to be seen/found  and they were messing with my brand, my voice and  my livelihood.

I SPENT ALL OF YESTERDAY tracking who did it and TAKING BACK OWNERSHIP and resolving the SEO issues, and ofcourse getting a barrage of insults from one idiot I had called to ask if he knew anything about it.

It was not until 1am, that I relaxed a little bit, and decided to do one last search to verify my platform was back up on the search. 

I probably should have stopped at page 5 like most browsers, but kept going. It wasnt until I got to page 14, I saw a CNN link, (out of curiosity for why it would be on my search page). I clicked and saw it was a transcript. A very looooong one. 🤦🏽‍♀😱

It seemed like it was about Brexit. Theresa May, Blah blah blah... I was immediately bored. Who will read all of these. I saw timestamps this and that...Whew!🤔🤔🤔

Okay, keep reading Alex... Keep going. Don’t stop. I kept scrolling, kept reading.

Then there it was...My name...Wow!

Ha ha ha. I had found my proof. I found the CNN Transcript for the live show. Dang!

Didn't even know I was actually introduced by CNN Newsroom Anchor, John Vause on March 12 right after the conversation with Theresa May about Brexit and again on March 13 by Rosemary Church, before my video message came up. Yay! What an honor.

And there is another transcript for the 14th. Suddenly realising, I had been featured on CNN International (for three days in a row). This would be my second year adding my voice and collaborating on the CNN Freedom Project.

And there was my proof.🙌🏽🙌🏽.

Here are lessons you can takeaway…

  1. Just because you are not aware of its existence, doesn't mean it doesn't exist, you might feel highly informed, but YOU DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING neither do you know EVERYONE. Always keep your mind open.

  2. Sometimes, we need to push ourselves to go the extra mile*. Go beyond what is necessary, Go beyond what everyone else does to find your hidden and buried treasures. Click the next page on that project till you get to the very end. It pays to be persistent and thorough.

  3. There are so many variations of SUCCESS, for some its money in their bank account, for some its fame/popularity, love, social media followers and for others it might be IMPACT. Your way of measuring success is not the only way. Different things drive people.

  4. People will compare you and most possibly doubt you. They will doubt your abilities, your intentions, and even your brilliance. But YOU MUST NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF.

  5. Even if you do great work, some people may NEVER hear of it or ever hear of you...and that is okay too. What's most important is to keep your momentum going and be consistent.

  6. A negative situation might bring a positive outcome, as long as you have a positive outlook and keep your positive vibration high. Anyway you look at a problem, there is ALWAYS A LESSON.

I don't know if I will get the project but I do know for sure that I have saved my integrity as regards this one, but most importantly I have learned a bigger lesson.

We judge people by what we think or believe is possible based on our own limiting beliefs.😁👊🏽

I'll finish this by referencing a comment I left a few days ago on facebook. 

We see people as WE ARE. If you are a liar and a manipulator, your default reaction to everything, is pure DISBELIEF. Surely everyone around you is a liar or a trickster.

You may also believe, everyone around you has the exact same limitations you have or the same high potential, brilliance or beauty.

If you missed MyFreedomDay Message. I shared what makes me feel FREE.


Happy Friday Truth-Seekers,

To Your Greatness,

Stay Authentic and Keep Winning!

Alex Okoroji