Is This the Best YOU Can Offer?

by Alex Okoroji

When I first started my career on Television, 13 years ago - featuring on the first edition of the Reality TV show, Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO) in 2005, having reality TV lovers glued to their screen, people recognising me, having access to society's creme de la creme, and of course endless opportunities to work in films and soap operas with some of Nigeria's best talents I admired. I thought I had arrived. It could only get better.

In my opinion, I was living la-vi-da-loca, I was living the good life. And I really was - kind of - (If you consider hanging out with the coolest cats in showbizness, wining and dinning with shot callers as an example of the good life...) I lived it and more.

To be clear - I am very understated in the way I show off or who I show off. I grew up with a famous father, so yeah fame wasn't exactly what I was seeking, neither was it the criteria for the kind of relationships I wanted. But yes, it helped to have on speed dial, anyone who was worth making something tangible happen.

Living that life of a miniature celebrity was only a tiny fraction of everything I desired and everything I knew I was made for and deserved.

I wanted to impact lives - meaningfully, not with the "false perception" of perfection that many people project.

But of course, living in the real world and catching the curve balls that life throws at you, will surely humble you and I can't tell you everything I've had to experience to recognise my truth and learn the hard way.

Still I believe there are many levels to our Greatness.

There is always something NEW for us to uncover, things we thought we already knew or figured out about ourselves, our journey or even the path we have to take.

The clearer we are about it. The better we can EXPRESS it to the highest level and the easier it will be for the rest of the world to uncover all of our brilliance - in full glare.

You may already feel like you are GREAT, but are you giving yourself the freedom to be even Greater than what you believed was possible.

Is this honestly your best?

Is this the best life you can live?

Is this all you have to give?

Is this the best quality of your talent, you can offer the world?

Could you be doing more? Perhaps operating at the highest level of your imagination?

Is this best you can do for yourself and your legacy?

Or could there be room for growth, improvement or even REINVENTION in your life?

Please get a copy of my new book - UNCOVERED! The Naked Road From Timid Girl to Confident Woman!.

Brand new book - Uncovered by Actress, Alex Okoroji

It chronicles a raw and riveting reinvention from the timid girl I used to be - who had lots of self doubtfear and needed approval and validation, to the NOW confident woman who is thriving in her own brilliance. This memoir is the complete version of my chapter in the International best-seller & global anthology - I BARED MY CHEST.

I promise you, It's not filled with fluff, cheap rhethoric or mumbo jumbo. I'm not spitting other people's opinions and camouflaging them as mine. I won't bore your underpants or get all preachy preachy on you.

I tell it like I see it. I've done SHIT. I think SHIT. And heck yeah, I sure as hell wrote that SHIT in the most graphic way. Not so I can tell all, but so you can learn from all the silly things that held me back.

Believe me, not one person in this world, knows nearly enough to think they can actually stop learning from other people's experiences.

Everyone who is reading UNCOVERED right now, say it's great stuff that will deeply impact the way you are showing up in the world currently.

The feedback is amazing. And I am so grateful.

You will be entertained for sure, because I share a few secrets and my real life hits and misses. But you will be impacted to do more, be more in the most authentic way possible and see further hidden opportunities, no matter what level of success you currently have.

My life is different now. The best part is that I'm so happy.

It's not perfect, but it doesn't need to be. I have learned how to live and thrive with the imperfections. Yee-haa!!!💃💃 Living everyday like I know I'm supposed to - with so much freedom and no apologies.

If you are still shrinking yourself, playing small or playing local. I think I know what's limiting you.

It's time for the WORLD to know you exist. It's time for them to Uncover your Greatness.

I say - Bring it on!

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To Your Greatness,

Stay Authentic & Keep Winning!

- Alex Okoroji