Don't Forget Who You Really Are...

by Alex Okoroji

What's on your plate this new week? Are you apprehensive about accomplishing your numerous goals? Are you worried that you are NOT enough for the tasks ahead? Perhaps, you have forgotten who you really are???

Even the best of us forget who we are sometimes...

We FORGET what we are capable of...the Milestones we have already accomplished and the hoop of fire, we've had to jump through, to get to where HOPE lays.

We forget how beautiful, talented, industrious, generous, spiritual, loving and strong we are...

We forget the immense value we bring, to the many people we inspire and those who depend on us to make something happen...

We forget that we are soldiers, conquerors, achievers...VICTORS. We forget we are Kings and Queens - Leaders, Teachers and Children of the most high God.

We forget that we are SPECIAL, unique, different...we are front-liners, pace-setters, transformers, lateral thinkers.

YES...I have to admit, that I sometimes forget how GREAT a woman I am. It's true, I forget. And it means I have to sometimes depend on others to see myself through their eyes.

Like many people - You probably have to hope for compliments, appraisals, encouragement and validation.

But just imagine that the people you depend on, had such a warped view of your abilities...imagine if the view they have of you is blurred, tainted or even tinted. What if they are too short sighted to see as far as you can go?

What if they couldn't make out the greatness lurking around your shadow, and you had to depend completely on their own assessment of you.

What if they haven't gotten to fully EXPERIENCE everything that makes you ZING. And you have to let their lies sip in and become the foundation of your biggest doubts.

Sometimes, I don't think I do nearly enough. Sometimes, I think there's a little something missing in the puzzle. Or that I can't hear myself think, I can't make out my own voice reverberating, amidst the penetrating noise or see my fully naked self strutting confidently beside the masquerades online. Other times, I get the impression I'm coming out too loud, too strong...too much in everyone's face, even when I'm hiding away.

Yes - I admit I have days like these too.

But today...I had to write down everything that is so freaking amazing about me, to remind myself...that I have come thus far by raising up my own MIRROR...setting my own standards and using my own lenses to live life on my own terms.

This is a MEMO to that little forgetful girl inside of ME, who still dares to question who I am and where I think I'm going.

And even though the world may not always keep your virtues in mind. You shouldn't have to ever forget to remind them and remind yourself - who YOU ARE.

So yeah! Just in case you didn't know... I am Alex Okoroji

  • Queen of Expression - I empower people with FREEDOM to Express their Truth, Talent & Personal Greatness.

  • Ranked One of the Top 250 Most Influential Women in the World for 2017 & 2018 (Still on the list, 63 Weeks & Counting).

  • Called "Oprah of Africa" by many of my Influential Guests around the world, including a daily newspaper in Brazil. Ye ha! Thanks Adriana. lol.

  • Featured, Interviewed & Celebrated in over 250 Media Platforms around the World.

  • A Multiple Award Winning Media Personality, Speaker & Global Influencer with a message & platforms impacting millions of people around the world. Yes my radio show now has over 5.3 Million Listens.

  • A 2015 Global Consciousness Raiser, Best-selling Author of 3 Books & Truth-Teller.

  • Founder of The NAKED Philosophy & CEO of The BRAG Media Company helping global clients create brag worthy identity, products, services, comunication & brands.

  • A Multi-talented, Multi-Passionate Creative, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend and One of the Best Cheerleaders YOU can have on your team & in your life. (I go ALL out - all the way, for those I love).

And Yes - a "One Woman Tornado" Hahaha!

A famous Nigerian Musician - once called me "Hurricane Alex" on instagram. So funny, but I guess it sums me up nicely. he he eh.

Yes, I'm still taking the world from Inside Africa. No retreat, no surrender. I'm AWESOME. I know it... Even though, I sometimes forget it.

Not a lot of people gave me a chance at first. Some even try to belittle my accomplishments. Ha ha ha...A few have tried to sabotage my opportunities, malign me behind my back or just try to covet what they think I have.

None of that has ever bothered me, because I am NOT in competition with anyone but myself. And I do not compare myself to others. I simply focus on my business.

Today, I hope my awesomeness rubs off on you - as a quick reminder of what's possible for you and how AMAZING you too are.

So who do you associate or surround yourself with? Who do you collaborate, partner or engage with?

Who are you letting influence you with their energy, words or actions? Do they remind you of who you are and what you are capable of achieving? Do they motivate you to ASPIRE for more greatness & show up with all of your brilliance in tow? Do they bring out the best in you? Or do they diminish you, steal your power, highlight your weaknesses & promote your flaws?

The right people with the right kind of energy is important. You owe it to yourself, to surround yourself with positive people who help you stand in your truth, talent, beauty, grace and greatness. But most importantly people who take out your doubts, fill up your tank with HOPE - helping you proceed each day with the desire, to be better than you already are.

Start your new week with a celebration. A celebration of your AMAZING-NESS. Create your own list, so you never have to forget who you are. And make sure the people around you are the kind, who will never forget it too. This reminder will propel you to go further and upward.

To Your Success,

Stay Authentic & Keep Winning!

- Alex Okoroji