Better For You, NOT Better Than ME!

by Alex Okoroji

Do you know that what you tell yourself matters a lot? How you see yourself matters too. It is okay to allow people doubt your WORTH, but do not ever let them make YOU, doubt yourself.

Two years ago, I had received an email during #AskAlex Sessions and one of my readers wanted to know how I personally manage REJECTION when I give my best, yet someone chooses somebody else over me.

I certainly know what she's talking about. I have experienced it in past relationships, early days in my acting career, during movie auditions, I have experienced it in friendship and even business...You know you are the best qualified for it - but they pick someone else and it makes you want to QUIT, because you can't fathom why or what it is, they see in that other person.

Well here's a mental catch phrase I have adopted...

"They Are Better for YOU, but NOT Better than Me".

I repeat this to myself, every time I get a NO or some sort of rejection. It is in fact true and became one of my daily affirmations on my journey to expressing my personal greatness.

Think about it clearly, as objective as we all want to be or even think we are...Everything we view is SUBJECTIVE. It's from our point of view, from how it favors us, to how it makes us feel and the way it makes us look. It's all about what is in it for us right now. What is easier? Less Complex? How it enables us... The immediate short term goal and not the long term goal.

I have even personally made choices in the past, based on these same premise - even when I clearly knew it wasn't going anywhere. I was thinking NOW and not 5 Years from Now, when all these other people, circumstances and opinions no longer matter.

You might in fact be the better choice - the smart choice, the right man or woman for the job or for that person's vision, growth, heart or future, but if the person choosing is so caught up in their own subjectivity, they will never SEE it. They will only choose what they think is better for them right now. But that must NEVER take away from who you are and what you have to offer others - who are wiser.

So every time someone passes over you, even after you have given them your very best... and your everything.

Say this out loud - " Better For You, NOT Better Than Me..." and move on. Yes...Move the heck on. Soon, You'll realise with time, how incredibly true and powerful these words really are, because another opportunity or another person who finds you better for them - will surely find you.

To Your Greatness,

Stay Authentic Truth-Seekers & Keep Winning!

- Alex Okoroji