Being NAKED: Is More Than A Word, It Is A Ministry...

by Alex Okoroji

Some years ago, I shared a message with my WhatsApp contacts. And I remember reading this "Alex, leave this your naked thing...and go and serve God. Go and serve in his ministry. Help him win souls." My Aunt had said to me.

Of course, I laughed...How can I help this old lady gain some foresight?

How can I help her see, that what I'm doing is in fact a MINISTRY.

That I am winning souls and helping others to live their authentic best. That what I am doing is just as powerful as the pastor who preaches in a church, except I show people how to face their own reflection, connect to a deeper level of self awareness and find their own unique internal CLARITY so they can express their personal greatness and apply it to their everyday living, just as they will - their pastors teaching, (without the added 'pressure' to be perfect).

Hmm... You know I love the word NAKED, I've used it so many times in so many ways, on so many different platforms, it's fast growing into a brand. And I have several definitions for what it means...but if you ever felt like you couldn't say the word out loud. Here's a perfect alternative- try the word - AUTHENTIC.

Which means that being naked is being authentic, genuine, having the ability to be real, honest, transparent even vulnerable in the pursuit of transformation, without being ASHAMED.

How many people do you honestly know have the COURAGE to be true to themselves, to their hearts and to their calling? How many do you know can go a day without BETRAYING their thoughts, their principles, values or without judging another, or conforming to society's playbook?

Don't you think I have a better chance of winning souls for God, because my philosophy for being authentic is non judgemental...And my approach to freedom embraces FLAWS, imperfections, warts and all.

Isn't that the real "Christ Like" attribute; to approach everything and everyone without judgement and with LOVE. To aspire to be your highest, brightest self and to apply everything with a deeper consciousness.

If you haven't understood what I have been doing for the last four years. Well, his right here is a MINISTRY - The Ministry of Consciousness & Awakening.

So don't be ashamed to be NAKED in front of others, what they see and how they judge you is their own problem, not YOURS because you are living your truth. And truth is freeing.

If your ultimate life goal is to live a life that pleases God. I guarantee you that stripping yourself off all the skeletons, cover ups and beliefs that have held you back, will EMPOWER you to meet that goal.

{And oh, I got some other response on WhatsApp...You see, I love getting unexpected feedback on my thoughts. I always enjoy that mental back and forth, especially when someone shares something even more enlightening than my original post.}

Look at this...

"Alex -You should have added that the bible says be naked and unashamed" - Ehi Oviawe

"Good Morning Alex, specific on the 'Naked' issue. Naked is the Christian foundation, we come to and are naked before God.

#1) Adam & Eve were naked in the garden of Eden.

#2) Job1,:21 - And said, Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return thither: the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.

#3) Jesus Christ went to the Cross "Naked'

The Christian faith is "The Naked Faith" that our filth may be washed clean by the blood." - Henry Balogun

P.S: I really appreciate these comments, coming from two men I respect deeply. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. So I could share it with others. I loveeeeee 'em!

So, quick question. What can you do to be NAKED today? What one step can you take to live a life on your own terms?

Stay Authentic & Keep Winning!

- Alex Okoroji